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Biometric Systems Laboratory (University of Bologna, Italy)
Center for Identification Technology Research (CITeR)
European Cooperation in the field of Scientific and Technical Research (COST)
Michigan State University Biometric Research Homepage
MIT Media Lab's Vision and Modeling Group
Ohio University Center for Automatic Identification
San Jose State University Biometric Research Center
Facial Analysis, (Preception Science Laboratory, University of California)
Facial Animation, (Preception Science Laboratory, University of California)
Face Recognition Technology (FERET)
Facial Recognition Vendor Test 2000 (FRVT 2000) Evaluation Report
Microsoft Research Vision Technology Group
The Face Recognition Home Page
FVC2004, Fingerprint Verification Competition
Fingerprint Vendor Technology Evaluation  (FpVTE) 2003
FVC2002, Fingerprint Verification Competition
An Introduction to Wavelets: FBI Fingerprint Compression
"Automated Systems for Fingerprint Authentication Using Pores and Ridge Structure," Proceedings of SPIE, Automatic Systems for the Identification and Inspection of Humans (SPIE Vol 2277), San Diego, 1994, p. 210-223. (802 kB PostScript)
FBI Fingerprint Compression Standard WSQ Software for UNIX Sun under SunOS 4.1.1 (uncertified)
FBI Fingerprint Compression Standard WSQ Software for Windows 3.1 (uncertified)
Free Software to Measure the Spatial Frequency Response (MTF) of Fingerprint Scanners
FVC2000, Fingerprint Verification Competition
NIST Visual Image Processing Group's Fingerprint Research
Signal Processing Research Center's Fingerprint Analysis
The FBI Fingerprint Image Compression Standard
Document Understanding and Character Recognition (DIMUND)
Handwriting Recognition Group
Handschriften-E rkennungs-SYstem für Normalstifte (HESY) Signature Testing Device (works with normal pens)
Intelligent Recognition and Interactive Systems (IRIS), (The Nottingham Trent University)
The UNIPEN Project
John Daugman's Webpage, Cambridge University, Computer Science Laboratory, Cambridge, UK
The Iris Recognition Homepage
CAVE - The European Caller Verification Project
Speech Research, (Preception Science Laboratory, University of California)
European Language Resources Association's (ELRA)
FVC2000, Fingerprint Verification Competition
Linguistic Data Consortium (voice)
M2VTS Multimodal Face and Voice Database
NIST Standard Reference Data
PEIPA, The Pilot European Image Processing Archive
YOHO (voice)
*See the Research sites above for additional databases.