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In the early days of biometrics, a publication or article on anything "biometric" was cause for celebration (and notation).  Recently, we have stopped listing individual publications and articles on biometrics as the sheer number of items would quickly overwhelm our site. 

The following entries are selected historical publications and articles on biometrics, which is why some of the articles may no longer be available.  The missing entries are here to serve as a historical reference.

Additional information may be located by going to the Periodicals listed at the bottom of this page and searching their content for biometrics and related material.


NOTE: Links that take you to external sites (links that exit the BC site) are noted below with red dots.  Blue dots signify internal links.  Black dots are historical references.


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Other Periodicals
Handbook of Fingerprint Recognition, D. Maltoni, D. Maio, A. K. Jain, S. Prabahakar - Springer - 2003
Best Practices in Testing and Reporting Performance of Biometric Devices, Version 2.01, August 2002, Biometrics Working Group (UK)
    Common Criteria Common Methodology for Information Technology Security Evaluation, Common Criteria Biometric Evaluation Methodology Working Group, Version 1.0, August 2002
A Practical Guide to Biometric Security Technology , IEEE Computer Society, IT Pro - Security, Jan-Feb, Simon Liu and Mark Silverman
On the Individually of Fingerprints, S. Pankati, S. Prabhakar, and A. Jain
Biometrics for Identification and Authentication - Advice on the Selection of Biometric Products, CESG. Issue 1.0, 23 November 2001
Common Criteria Protection Profile, Biometric Device Protection Profile (BDPP), UK Biometrics Working Group Draft Issue 0.82 - 5 September 2001
CESG/NPL Biometric Product Testing Final Report Issue 1.0, 19 March 2001
National Biometric Test Center Collected Works: 1997 - 2000
Biometrics, COMPUTER, Vol. 33, No. 2, February 2000
Seen Before, To guard against terrorism, the Pentagon looks to image-recognition technology, Scientific America, 12/99
Chips aim to make passwords obsolete, Bloomberg News, December 31, 1999
Discovery Channel On-Line Guide, The MT Digit and IriScan, December 9, 1999,
Biometrics Solutions Unveiled at Comdex , CNN, November 18, 1999
Voice ID, Applications and Markets for the New Millennium, J. Markowitz Ph.D., October 1999
Dynamic Vision: From Images to Face Recognition, Shaogang Gong, Stephen J. McKenna and Alexandra Psarrou, October 1999
Law Enforcement Agencies Working on 3D Face Recognition Technology, CNN, September 24, 1999
The Growing "MAGIC" of Automatic Identification - From Barcodes to Biometrics, and beyond, the future holds exciting challenges and opportunities for the field of Auto ID, Robotics and Automation Magazine, March 1999 Volume 6 Number 1, Jerome Swartz
More Options For Tighter Security, Information Week, February 15, 1999
Are Biometrics Too Good?, Network Computing, January 25, 1999
BIOMETRICS: Personal Identification in Networked Society, by Anil Jain, Ruud Bolle and Sharath Pankanti, January 1999
  You can't forget this password, US News & World Reports, May 17, 1999.
Biometrics, All The Way Or Not At All, PC Week, December 7, 1998
Biometrics: Boom Or Bust?, PC Week November 13, 1998
Tool Monitors Keystroke Rhythms for ID, TechWeb News, October 7, 1998
No More Passwords?, Windows Magazine, October 1, 1998
Guidelines for Placing Biometrics in Smartcards Version 1.0, NSA, 15 September 1998
Biometrics Is Poised For A Breakthrough, Information Week, August 31, 1998
Let Your Fingers Do The Logging In, Network Computing, June 1, 1998
Standards Coming To Biometrics Market, PC Week, May 25, 1998
House Subcommittee Hearings on "Biometrics and the Future of Money", 20 May 1998 (testimony by Mr. Jeffrey S. Dunn, Co-Chair Biometric Consortium)
Fingerprint Interface Comes On Heels Of Move To Silicon Sensors - Consortium Vows To Draft API For Biometrics, EE Times, May 4, 1998
Biometrics, Tokens, & Public Key Certificates, Briefing slides with example Version 1, NSA, 18 March 1998
Smart Card Chip Reads Fingerprints, TechWeb News, February 17, 1998
Mixed-Signal Chips Scan Fingerprints To Identify Systems Users - Biometric Sensors Set To Roll, EE Times, February 16, 1998
Fingerprints to Replace Passwords for Net Access - Demand for Biometric Technology Grows By Albert Pang , February 16, 1998
User Authentication Techniques Using Public Key Certificates, Part 3:  An Example Implementation, NSA, 10 February 1998
APIs reach out and touch human-ID systems TechWeb News, February 09, 1998
Biometric Security, PC Week, February 8, 1998
Are You Ready For Biometrics?, PC Week, February 8, 1998
Virtual red boxes set to ease ministers' burden, Daily (Electronic) Telegraph (UK), 15 January 1998
Authentication Protocol for Smartcards, NSA, 23 Jaunary 1998
Red boxes are dispatched from Government , The Times (UK), 12 January 1998
Show me some ID: Biometrics is leaving its fingerprints on the market with low-cost devices, PCWeek, 12 January 1998
Fingerprint security on the PC, c|net, 7 January 1998
User Authentication Techniques Using Public Key Certificates Part 2: Authentication Information Including Biometrics, NSA, 31 December 1997
User Authentication Techniques Using Public Key Certificates Part 1: Certificate Options, NSA, 24 December 1997
Coming Soon: ATMs That Recognize Your Eyes, The Christian Science Monitor, 2 December 1997
Forget the PIN, just look into the ATM's camera, CNN (AP), 30 November 1997
Biometric companies put finger on cheaper security , PCWeek, 24 November 1997
Visionics Corp. changes the face of the PC security, Government Computer News, 24 November 1997
Fingerprint Recognition Devices Coming in 1998 , PC World, 19 November 1997
Keyboards to Read Your Fingerprints, PC World , 17 November 1997
Identify yourself! .Pioneer Press, 17 November 1997
Optical Security: The Digital Body, Photonics Spectra, November 1997 [note: the print version of this article is "Biometric Recognition: Photonics Ushers in a New Age of Security," p. 88-100 (much longer!)]
Using your body as a key; legal aspects of biometrics , Robert van Kralingen, Corien Prins and Jan Grijpink, November 1997
Biometrics: Security gets a facelift, Special Report, PC Week, 29 October 1997
Moving to biometric standards: Why standards aren't always a good thing, Special Report, PC Week, 29 October 1997.
Biometrics, speech recognition products on display at Gartner expo, PC Week, 8 October 1997. "Gates told ... that biometrics technologies -- those that use human characteristics such as fingerprint, voice and face recognition -- will be the most important IT innovations of the next several years."
ON TECHNOLOGY -- Computer Passwords Are Passe: Biometrics uses a face instead, San Francisco Chronicle, 16 September 1997
Forget Your Password: "The latest personal computer gadget to use a TI image sensor is American Biometric Company's BioMouse, a desktop fingerprint scanner that polices access to your PC", PC Magazine, 23 September 1997
Special Issue on Automated Biometric Systems, Proceedings of the IEEE, September 1997, Vol 85, No 9
"Fingerprint Features - Statistical Analysis and System Performance Estimates" from the Proceedings of the IEEE (Sept 97, Vol 85)
IBM lead story: Security at your fingertips, September 1997
SPEAKER VERIFICATION: Knock, Knock: Who's There?, Speech Technology Magazine, August/September 1997
Your Eyeball, Please , Hot Wired, Hot Seat with host John McChesney, 27 August 1997
Protect Your PC With Face Recognition , PC World, 13 August 1997
Watchdog for Windows NT, PC Week, 6 August 1997
Forget your password: New fangled gadgets use fingerprints, faceprints, and voiceprints to protect your PC's private parts, ZDNet, 25 July 1997
Fingerprinting fervor leads America into brave new whorl , Associated Press, 12 July 1997
The Mug Shot Versus the Password: Face recognition software joins fingerprint identification among exotic new security schemes, PC Magazine Online, 10 July 1997
The Body as Password, Wired, July 1997
Who knows who you are?, InfoWorld, 16 June 1997
Your fingerprint is your password, c|net, 9 June 1997
Dusting for Prints--on Your Intranet: Fingerprint ID technology is no longer just for law enforcement, PC Magazine Online, 7 June 1997
SAF puts NT log-ins at your fingertips, PC Week, 4 June 1997
Let Your Smile Be Your Security, PC World, 2 June 1997
New Chip Verifies Fingerprints, San Francisco Chronicle, 22 May 1997
Biometrics tools guard networks, PC Week, 14 April 1997
Biological Security, PC Magazine, 8 April 1997
Fingerprints ID remote users, PC Week, 7 April 1997
Brave New Whorl: ID Systems Using the Human Body Are Here, but Privacy Issues Persist, Washington Post, 30 March 1997
Biometric identification comparison chart, PC Week, 26 March 1997
Biometric identification looms on landscape of network log-ins: High-end technology is becoming more affordable, PC Week, 26 March 1997
In-your-face security, PC Week Labs Review, 26 March 1997;
Digital identification: It's now at our fingertips and sidebar Novell, NIST push standards for biometrics, EE Times, 24 March 1997
It's a Fake! New digital fingerprints to foil software pirates , ZDNet, 20 March 1997
Intersights: Why voice-based IDs sound quite good, PC Week, 17 March 1997
Voice software for security, c|net, 13 March 1997
To Catch a Thief: Devices will match finger, voice, retinal, and vein prints--and even sniff body odor, PC Magazine Online, 25 February 1997
Biometry: human-tracking system goes global, EE Times, 3 February 1997
Agencies scan biometrics for potential applications, Federal Computer Week, 20 January 1997
Draft Authentication Module Interface Standard (February 9, 1996)
Laboratory Evaluation of the IriScan Prototype Biometric Identifier, Sandia National Labs, April, 1996
Fingerprint Capture Devices, CBD, 17 May 1996, PSA#1597
Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS), CBD, 26 Sep 1996, PSA#1688 SOL RFP-7046
Biometric Security: Government Applications and Operations (CTSTG 1996)
Background of the U. S. Government's Biometric Consortium
Face Value: Faster and more sophisticated algorithms are helping computerized facial-recognition systems come of age, Byte, February 1995
Update on the U. S. Government's Biometric Consortium (CTST 1995)
Biometric References Database, 1995
Electronic Benefits Transfer: Use of Biometrics to Deter Fraud in the Nationwide EBT Program. GAO Report Number OSI-95-20, September 1995. Raw text, Adobe Acrobat PDF, GAO
Touching Big Brother: How biometric technology will fuse flesh and machine, 1994
Human Identification in Information Systems: Management Challenges and Public Policy Issues
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