Announcing the new Grey House 2006 Biometric Information Directory

Now available - the Grey House Biometric Information Directory - the most comprehensive resource covering the latest biometric technology and manufacturers of biometric identification systems. The directory includes:

Over 700 company profiles of biometric system manufacturers & suppliers
Contact information
Key executives
Detailed, indexed product descriptions
Organizations - Trade & educational associations
Conferences, trade shows and expositions worldwide
Articles on the latest technological advancements in biometrics
Biometric & vendors services indexed by types of biometrics
Web sites index
Glossary of biometric terms
Plus much more

The directory provides an ideal solution for:

Companies considering the use of a biometric product
Investors in the development of biometric technology
Companies marketing their products to the biometric industry
Companies involved in biometric market research
Security consultants worldwide

The company’s introductory offer provides for a 10% discount off the published price of $225. You can now purchase it for a limited time for $202.50 plus $14.50 shipping and handling.

The company gives a 30-day guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, return the directory and owe nothing.

For information, contact:

Grey House Publishing
185 Millerton Rd.
Millerton, NY 12546
Fax: 518-789-0556