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Thread: template-free biometrics

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    Default template-free biometrics

    Hello everybody!

    Would anyone know where I might find some literature on template-free biometrics, please.

    Any pointers to this is greatly appreciated.


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    Default Re: template-free biometrics


    You might want to check out John Daugmans's web pages:

    http://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/users/jgd1000/ (look for the ref to generating stable iris codes at the bottom of the page)

    and also the BioScrypt white papers web page:


    where you will find information that may be relevant to your enquiry

    Best regards,

    Philip Statham
    CESG Biometrics Programme Manager

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    Default Re: template-free biometrics

    Last year on Biometrics 2004 in London I attended a presentation and trial of Genkey's technology which seems to be focused on just that (template free biometrics).
    I couldn't find a white paper on their webpage though.

    Victor Adolfsson
    Optimum Biometric Labs

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