The following has been received from Biometric Discussion List member Emilio Mordini. Copies of the preliminary agenda and detailed announcement can be obtained from Dr. Mordini. BITE has been the leading organizational proponent for social, ethical and policy assessment and regulation of identification management initiatives.

Henry J. Boitel
Biometric Bits - The Key To Identity Management Information

2- 4 September 2006
Sponsored by NATO

Dear Colleague,

This email is to inform you about a NATO Advanced Research Workshop (ARW) on IDENTITY, SECURITY AND DEMOCRACY; SOCIAL, ETHICAL AND POLICY IMPLICATIONS OF AUTOMATED SYSTEMS FOR HUMAN IDENTIFICATION (AIT) organised by the Centre for Science, Society and Citizenship and the Israeli Center for the Study of Bioterrorism in Jerusalem, next. September 2-4, 2006. .

The objective of the workshop is to develop new and original recommendations for how the preservation of personal privacy and civil liberties is compatible with the need to validate the identity of the individual crosses the spectrum of social interaction. Privacy concerns dominate the debate and the public seems to be scared by the risk of an Orwellian scenario. However v to have an identity is a basic right, which gives foundation to many other rights included the right to anonymity.

This NATO ARW is part of a larger initiative. In 2004 the European Commission has funded the support action BITE, Biometric Identification Technology Ethics ( ) in the scope of the Action Plan on Science and Society of the VI Framework Program. In 2005 the Science and Society Directorate of the European Commission and the BITE consortium have then convened the first Transatlantic Meeting on Ethical and Social Implications of Biometrics ( ). In 2007 we are planning a second Transatlantic conference in Washington DC and the launch of a European Platform.

Proceedings of the ARW will be published as a book volume in the NATO Science Series by IOS Press.

Although participation is only by invitation, there are still few places available for observers. Observers include both senior and junior researchers. Senior researchers are not receiving any reimbursement for travel and lodgement expenses but if accepted they have not to pay for conference fee. Junior researchers can have their own lodgement expenses met by the organisation. Junior researchers who want to be sponsored by the organisation must send by email by July 30:
1)The application form duly filled out
2)Their CV
3)An unpublished paper (comprised between 4,000-5,000 words) on ethical, social and policy implications of identification technologies, which might show their capacity for original contributions in this field. Best papers will be published in the workshop proceedings and their authors will be invited in the workshop. In any case papers will not be returned.

All materials should be sent to Prof. Emilio Mordini (
Best regards

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