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Dear BC2004 Invited Speakers:

Thank you for agreeing to participate in BC2004.  We have a very exciting agenda planned and are anticipating another sell-out crowd.  Please complete the following actions in a timely manner so our conference coordinators may prepare for the conference.  

1 - The Speaker's Registration Form is no longer available.  

- Biography Template

We are providing an electronic template to assist you in completing your biography.

Please "Right Click" here, select "Save Target As" to download the template to your hard drive. Please follow the instructions on the document to type and save your abstract and biographical information.

Please limit your biography write up to one page.  If it is longer the Biometric Consortium will edit it down to one page.

Once  you have completed your biography, please follow instructions in the "Speaker Approval E-mail" to upload your biography and presentation.



Presentation Guidelines

a. Please avoid product and marketing presentations.

b. Please utilize the U.S. standard paper size of 8 1/2 x 11. Otherwise we will have to modify your presentation.

c.  Please save your PowerPoint presentation with "Embed True Type Font" option if you are using an unusual font. If we are unable to make the modifications to your file that are necessary to obtain a readable copy, we will request that you provide another file.

d. Please use the recommended font sizes listed below. Since your presentation will be projected in a very large room, we want to ensure that every attendee is able to read the information you are presenting on your slides.  Slides with thin lines, small text labels or complex color graphics will not display well.

1.     Headers 40 point
   2.       Sub-Headers 32 point - 36 point
 3.     Text/Figures 24 point - 28 point 

We will convert your presentation into PDF format before placing it on the Biometric Consortium website.

General Information

 Make your Hotel Reservations Early

The Biometric Consortium Conference 2004 will be held at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City.  We encourage speakers to stay at the conference hotel as that helps the Biometric Consortium with conference costs. Details on hotel registration are posted on this General Information  web page.  All speakers are responsible for making their own hotel registrations. 

Audience Size

We expect approximately 800 attendees.  The Plenary sessions will be in the Regency Ballroom.  Other sessions will be held in smaller rooms which seat approximately 300-350 people.

Audience Questions

Please repeat all audience questions using the microphone so everyone in the audience can hear the question.

Audio/Visual support

In addition to a laptop and projector, we will provide a wireless mouse that you may use to advance your viewgraphs yourself, or a staff member will be available to advance your slides on your verbal cue. Microphones will be provided and please plan on using them since the room is rather large. Laser pointers will be available for your use. Because of the shape and size of the room, your presentation will be presented on two screens at the same time, but they will not be directly behind you so we have arranged for a confidence monitor so that you may clearly see your slides during your presentation. The operation of the timer, microphones, pointers, and mouse will be explained when you check-in.

If you require additional AV support please send an email to speakers2004@biometrics.org with your requirements by September 1, 2004.


You may pick up your conference materials at the Conference Registration Booth on the Exhibit Hall Level of the Hyatt Regency Crystal City during Registration hours.  Registration hours are Sunday 19 September from 5:00 pm until 7:00 pm and each day of the conference starting at 7:30 am.

Business Dress

Since this conference is being held near Washington, DC and we expect a large number of Government attendees, we expect most attendees and speakers will follow standard business dress.

Time limits

We have a rather tight agenda. Our experience has been that keeping the presentations short and focused helps keep the conference interesting for our broad range of attendees. We do ask that you adhere to the time allotted for your presentation. We will have an electronic speaker timer operating. A couple of hints to consider in order to keep your presentation within the time allowed:

(1) Don't spend too much time introducing yourself or your organization -- much of this information is probably already presented in your biography which the attendees will have.

(2) Don't worry about defining biometrics or explaining the fundamental issues of why biometrics are important -- most attendees will understand this and there is no need for each speaker to repeat this kind of information.

We appreciate your cooperation in helping us keep the conference on schedule.

Speaker Check-in

There will be a Speaker's table near the stage.  Please check-in with Ambreen Baig or one of the other staff during the break or other open time before your scheduled presentation.

Speakerís Room

There will be a small Speakerí Room (in the Conference Office) on the Exhibit Hall level (near the Registration Desk). The Speakerís Room will provide a quiet place where speakers may go to review their presentations etc. There will be tables, chairs and electrical power available in the Speakerís Room.

Press coverage

We anticipate some press reporters will be present.  If you are approached by the press, you are certainly welcome to speak with a reporter or to decline, as you see fit.  If you do speak with a reporter, we ask that you be clear you are speaking on behalf of yourself or your organization and not the Biometric Consortium or any of the Conference co-sponsors. Any questions regarding the Biometric Consortium can be directed to either Jeff Dunn or Fernando Podio and any of the staff members will be happy to help locate us.

Biometric Consortium Speaker Contact Information

Ambreen Baig 410-684-6537

e-mail: speakers2004@biometrics.org

Thank you for your timeliness.  We look forward to seeing you in September. 


Jeff Dunn and Fernando Podio
Biometric Consortium Co-Chairs