Biometrics Symposium 2004

special session on research at

The Biometric Consortium Conference BC2004

Sep 20 22, 2004

Crystal City, VA

co-sponsored by

The Biometric Knowledge Center (BKnC)

West Virginia University and Michigan State University

The National Science Foundation

The Biometrics Symposium provides a forum for the dissemination and exchange of basic and applied scholarly research leading to applications of biometrics to human identification and verification. The intent of the Symposium is to stimulate and foster research in biometrics with respect to:

o Technologies

o Measures of Effectiveness

o Societal and Political Implications

o Countermeasures and Spoofing

o Economics and Workforce

o K-12 Outreach

The objective of the Symposium is to bring together researchers working in the convergence of disciplines defining biometric research, and to encourage the growth of the biometric research culture conducive to long-range research supporting the field of biometrics. The Symposium will feature poster sessions and selected orally presented papers, plenary lectures, and panel discussions including Federal government sponsors. The abstracts will be published on the Internet. Limited financial support is available to students and junior faculty on a case-by-case basis as determined by the Program Committee Chairs.


May 15, 2004    Submission of extended abstract not to exceed 2 pages, indicating whether the abstract should be considered for an oral presentation, and bio.  Click here for preparation instructions.

Jun 15, 2004      Notification of acceptance of abstract for oral or poster presentation

Aug 15, 2004     Submission of final extended abstract

Coordinator:      Dr. Edwin P. Rood, The Biometric Knowledge Center 304-293-8281

Secretary: Tammy Pauley, BKnC,

Program Committee:


Prof. Larry Hornak, West Virginia University

Prof. Anil Jain, Michigan State University


Dr. Craig Arndt, Mitretek Systems

Prof. Bir Bhanu, UC Riverside

Prof. Rama Chellappa, U. of Md

Dr. Sarat Dass, MSU

Prof. Patrick Flynn, Notre Dame University

Prof. Venu Govindaraju, SUNY (Buffalo)

Prof. Takeo Kanade, Carnegie Mellon University

Prof. Davide Maltoni, University of Bologna

Dr. Lisa Nelson, University of Pittsburgh

Prof. Alex (Sandy) Pentland, MIT

Dr. Jonathon Phillips, NIST

Dr. Michael Schuckers, St. Lawrence U.

Dr. Stephanie Schuckers, Clarkson University

Prof. Anuj Srivastava, FSU

Prof. Tieniu Tan, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Prof. David Zhang, Hong Kong Polytechnic U.